Main Idea: Anonymous images. Photographs without personal approach but the form itself, texture, fabrics, body ‘language’ etc., according to new reality where fashion is more about mood and feelings, ideas and concepts, myths and culture, then just clothes and their prices. 

Common mood: melancholic, dynamic, sensitive
Location: unrecognisable // more about the surface than specific place or set-design
Lights: dark, high iso, blurred lines

Inspiration: Erwin Blumenfeld , Luis Sanchis, Simon Costin, Loïe Fuller ‘The Butterfly Dance’

Photographer and art-director Diana Malinowska
Stylist Julia Kulesh
Set-Design Gleb Mikhalchuk
MUA and Hair Sasha Nosikova
Photographer assistant Andrey Ptashkov
Special thanks to TFH Concept Store
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